Mediterranean cuisine is a life style approach to healthy eating . This diet accustomed to many from regions far and wide and includes a balanced variety of foods. What is categorized as authentic Mediterranean cuisine is traditionally eaten by people living in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea such as : Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, France, Lebanon, Libya, and Malta. Mediterranean food is something that really resonates with consumers: they have heard of it's dietary benefits , they know it is healthy, BUT they are not versed in the history of this sometimes mysterious cuisine that takes it's roots from so many diverse areas. 

That is why in 2003, the chefs/owners of Gypsy's with more than 20 years of culinary experience, decided to bring the best of the home cooking foods from the Mediterranean region to the beautiful city of Long beach. 

While there are restaurants which specialize in certain type of Mediterranean food, we strive to bring you our own take with a Persian flare originating from the city of Tehran. We provide a flavor that is all it's own. Eating at Gypsy's is not just enjoying an exemplary meal cooked by skilled professionals, it is an experience that brings you to the heart of a cult ure. 


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